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ღ Hate me for telling you the truth
don't adore me for telling you lies ❤
Sep.26.11(no subject)
I generally don't update this (tumblr is easier to use), but I hate leaving things unfinished, so here's my last hospital update. If you follow me on tumblr, you've seen this (or ignored it) so feel free to scroll on past.

I've cried about eight times todayCollapse )

Sep.26.11(no subject)
The Hound
I just had my CAT scan. It seemed like it was going to be fun at first, but then they gave me the contrast dye and it felt like I had a serious fever. It also made me feel like passing out and like I had peed myself.

This is all going towards TMI territory, but my iPod is valiently holding on at 3% and I'm bored and worried that this is going to turn out to be a giant waste of time.

Hopefully they'll get the results soon so I can go home and take a long nap; I've only had two hours of sleep and I'm starting to feel rundown.
The Hound
Expect a full fledge rant as soon as I get to a working computer, but for now let me say this: IVs fucking suck. Everytime I move my arm I can feel the needle shift.

Also I've been here since 9am. I'm tempted to shuffle out into he hallway so I can ask to go home to die, but everybody keeps calling me "sweetie" so it's hard to really get petulant.

I'm not dying btw. Just maybe sick.

My iPod is dying so I'm gonna go back to staring at everybody in the hallway.
May.30.11 - Hi. I'm not dead.
I was just on tumblr. I normally have a hard time staying on LJ because I usually get cynical and whiny and shit. On tumblr it's easier to combat that because I can just distract myself by reblogging pretty pictures and amazing Neil Gaiman quotes.

But I'm back. Kinda. :p

Here's a few quick updates:

I signed up for the Sabriel mini-bang. I have no intentions of letting my brother anywhere near my notes, flash drives, or computer so hopefully everything goes good this time.

My brother peed on a Good Year and was arrested for disorderly conduct. He got another fine, but our dad paid it. My brother continues to refuse to act like a normal human being, and he insists that nobody saw his dick so he should be able to piss wherever he wants.

I deleted my x-Box Live account and profile and restarted. I'm now happily replaying my games and, most importantly, I escaped all the people who insisted that I play L4D with them all the time.

I deleted and blocked an internet friend who deleted in mocking me about my sexuality, my hobbies, and the fact that I don't go out drinking or partying.

My laptop crashed and I had to move my desktop into the dining room because my room gets hotter than Hell in the summer.

And... that's about it. My life continues to be pretty boring. Still, if all goes well with my Sabriel mini-bang, this will become more of a fandom/fic journal. So yeah.

The Hound
 The ending kind of threw me through a loop, so I don't really remember the finer details of this episode. :/ Don't expect any coherence; this is kinda like a "stream of consciousness" entry.

Spoilers for 6.13Collapse )

In completely unrelated news, I'm still sick. I called my doctor to make an appointment and opted to get more medication instead of going back in, but I have to wait for them to call me before I can go and pick it up. Which is great. In the meantime, I feel like I'm going to cough up a lung and I'm exhausted all the time. :|

For some reason my mother still has me cooking and washing the dishes. I know that I can't give them bronchitis, but I can still get them sick. I try not to cough in the kitchen, but it's hard. 

I'm still working on what would have been my big bang. I rewrote the first 15,000 words, so I'm making progress, I guess. :| I'm just glad I took a shit-ton of notes on everything. I have, like, notebooks and notebooks full of scribbles and quotes and random facts about Loki and the Archangel Gabriel. Hell, I even have notes about what sort of wings Gabriel would have.

That's part of the reason I'm still pissed at my brother. This was the most detailed fucking thing I've ever done and he killed half of it because he's a brat. xP He's been acting like a jerk this entire week, too. I kept hoping that my mum would kick him out and send him to our dad's house, but it was not to be.

So I'm applying for a job, lack of GED be damned, and I'm getting the hell out of this house. I almost punched him in the face the other day because he wouldn't stop mouthing off to me. If I have to camp out in my friend's backyard then I'll fucking do it; I am at the end of my rope, I cannot take living with him anymore. 
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